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Written by Caroline, Stéphanie, and Patricia Ho-Yi Wang, with photographs by Virginie Gosselin, this book, published by House of Anansi, is packed with information and recipes to help you learn more about Asian vegetables.

The book is scheduled for release in bookshops on October 3, 2023.

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Upcoming events

Book launch in Ottawa

Stay tuned for more details!

The book

In this book, we take you on a journey through a season of market gardening, through which you will discover:

  • 15 Asian vegetables;
  • tips and ideas on how to grow them organically and cook them deliciously;
  • 40 recipes from starter to dessert by chefs and other food-lovers;
  • the unique stories of our family, who moved from China to Madagascar before emigrating to Quebec and elsewhere.

Featuring 15 asian vegetables

They're delicious and grow well in northern climates!

  • Bok choy
  • Choy sum
  • Gai lan
  • Mustard leaf
  • Chinese cabbage
  • Edible chrysanthemum
  • Celtuce
  • Amaranth
  • Malabar spinach
  • Shiso
  • Okra
  • Asian eggplant
  • Asian cucumber
  • Luffa
  • Lemongrass
Légumes asiatiques biologiques - Le Rizen
Virginie Gosselin

Contributing chefs

Original signature recipes

Dana Cooper, Fraîche!, Sutton

Chloé Ostiguy, Restaurant L’Archipel, Cowansville

Félix Antoine Parenteau, Sauce Prune, Cowansville

Yamei Zhao, Rendez-vous café, Cowansville

Jérémie Bastien, Restaurant Monarque, Montréal

Anita Feng, Épicerie J’ai Feng, Montréal

Guillaume Lozeau, Restaurant Le Super Qualité, Montréal

Maxime Chanhda-Tremblay, Épicerie Chanhda, Québec

Alexandre Vovan, Les Vovans, Saint-Ours

Jean-Louis Thémis, Cuisiniers sans frontières et Parti culinaire du Québec

Maxime Robert-Lachaîne, Checkmonwok

Recette de Dana Cooper, du comptoir Fraîche! à Sutton
Virginie Gosselin

Where to get the book

Paper version - Buy directly from the Wang sisters

Come and meet us in person and pick up a book at one of our drop-off points. See details below.

Paper version - Other points of sale

Our book is available at our partners' points of sale (see list of partners below), and at Indigo and independent bookstores.

The Wang sisters' drop-off points

Rizen points of sale

Come pick up your copy at one of our markets or events, or directly at the farm located 33 Ch. Dunham, Frelighsburg QC (J0J 1C0) - Please call in advance to make an appointment: 581-337-2888.

Write to Stephanie


You can buy the book directly from Caroline and pick it up in Vieux-Hull, Gatineau.

Write to Caroline

Bas St-Laurent

If you live near Rimouski or are just passing through, you can also contact Patricia to buy the book directly from her.

Write to Patricia

Partner outlets

We'll be updating this section regularly, as books arrive at our partners.





Coconut Lagoon, Ottawa

Coopérative Le Marché de l’Outaouais

Additional appendices (in French)

The additional appendices contain all the technical and organizational tools mentioned in the book, making it easy to grow, preserve and cook the 15 Asian vegetables presented.

The 350 pages of the book couldn't contain everything we wanted to share with you!

The data, information and gardening tips presented in these appendices are drawn from our six years of experience at Rizen. They are references that you can use and adapt according to your needs and production model (window box, vegetable garden, commercial or ornamental garden).

Here are the contents of the supplementary appendices:

  • Month-by-month gardening steps
  • Tools to find out the climatic characteristics of your growing site
  • Start-of-season shopping list
  • Hot list of equipment and input suppliers
  • List of proven suppliers of Asian seeds
  • General information table
  • Which vegetables and how many to grow?
  • Table of optimal growing conditions
  • Detailed table for seedlings
  • Detailed transplanting chart
  • Harvesting chart
  • Detailed tables for storage
  • Roadmap
  • Master table
  • Registers: sowing register, transplant register, field observation and intervention register, order register, harvest register, sales register
  • Nutritional values of 15 vegetables

Note that the Additional appendices are only available in French. You can buy them for $15.

The Wang sisters

Of Cantonese origin, we were born and raised in Montreal, where we also studied. We now carry out our respective projects in different regions of Quebec. The book we've created as sisters allows us to showcase our heritage and interests.

Follow us on Instagram @thewangsisters

Caroline Wang

Caroline Wang

Caroline is a dietitian based in Gatineau. Serving all of Quebec from a distance, she offers consultation and coaching services in nutrition to help you eat better and be well.

Stéphanie Wang

Stéphanie Wang

Stéphanie is the founder of Le Rizen in Frelighsburg. Growing organic Asian vegetables gives her the satisfaction of a job that feeds mouths and a lifestyle rooted in the natural cycle of the seasons.

She enjoys reading, writing, meditation, cross-country skiing, sea kayaking, long boarding and sharing good food.

Patricia Ho-Yi Wang

Patricia Ho-Yi Wang

Patricia is a musician (fiddle, podorythmy, voice) and lives in Rimouski. She plays mainly traditional music and is interested in life stories, particularly those of her family.

Additional recipe creators featured in the book

Thank you so much!

Rébecca Brilvicas-Pinsonnault - Amandine Chen, avec le soutien de Nirina Raharison -Mong Chi Chong - Danielle Laou - Iscra Nicolov - Stanislas Pettigrew, Ferme Stanislas Pettigrew, Frelighsburg - Jean-Philippe Villemure - Caroline Wang - Marie Wang - Patricia Ho-Yi Wang - Stéphanie Wang, Le Rizen, Frelighsburg - Yvonne Yau


For all interview requests, please contact House of Anansi press.

Les trois soeurs Wang
Virginie Gosselin